Agricultural equipment



The galvanized tensioner is used to tighten the wire in vineyards / orchards and to place wire fences so that the wire is suitable, ie, strained to secure the wire fixture or in the vineyards to tie the vine to it.

Tensile wire

Tensile wire

Galvanized tensile wire is mostly used in agriculture and during installation of the fence. It is used for tightening, fastening and is made of galvanized steel. Wire thickness is 2 mm or 2.2 mm.

Wire for fence

Wire for fence

Fencing wire braid, universal 1 x 25 m – galvanized. Available heights:

  • 1 m
  • 1,25 m
  • 1,5 m
  • 1,8 m
  • 2 m

The wire is made of galvanized wire 1.8 mm to 2.2 mm thick with a standard mesh opening of 60 × 60 mm. Packaging and delivery in 25 meter roll.

Types of knitting: universal, farmer, electrically welded.


Anchors are adapted for PVC poles. The anchor set consists of:

  • anchor,
  • two clamps and
  • two bars.

An anchor and a pole are connected by wire to ensure that the end pole is sufficiently resistant to the wire tensions that may occur due to strong wind or wire tension. After all, the end column carries the highest loads, and therefore must be sufficiently secured.

Metal fence for mechanization

Metal fence for mechanization

Manufacture of metal doors for machinery has evolved to develop a complete offer for fencing vineyards, orchards and houses. Characteristics: double doors, 1.5 m x 1.5 m x 2 m or 2 m, optionally color, fence protected by all standards, through construction mounted galvanized knit.